How to verify a Facebook Account?

Let me clarify, for everybody to get verified on Facebook isn’t as easy as people usually think. It is hard and requires a lot of checks on Facebook’s part.

You need to be a public figure, with some achievements, a good following, and activities that include fans’ engagement on your posts in order to be eligible for verification on your profile and page. You could also be a famous, authentic brand with a good number of followers on your page.

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It seems like getting verified on the Facebook page is relatively easier (though not peanuts) than getting a blue tick on a profile.

All major social media websites allow certain accounts to become “verified” as a signal to their followers about their authenticity.

Facebook issues a blue check on a profile or a page to verify a public figure or a page of public interest such as brands, movies, celebrities, etc.

Here’s what you’ll need to qualify:

  • A cover photo
  • A profile photo
  • A name that follows Facebook’s guidelines
  • For pages, make sure you’ve selected “public figure”
  • Content posted to the account is set to a public audience.
  • Visitors are allowed to follow you so your following has to be enabled.

How to get verified with a blue checkmark on Facebook

verify facebook
Blue tick on verified Facebook account

To get verified on Facebook, you need to log in using a desktop version.

1. Go to — log into your account.

2. Click this link and fill it out.

3. Provide your Government document.

4. Provide a reason why your profile or page should be verified?


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