A Step-by-Step Guide on Finding Job Opportunities in Dubai from Pakistan

Do you want to work in Dubai as a Pakistani? Because Dubai is a developed nation, individuals from all over the world are moving there to its economy and job market. Before going for a job and researching the job market of any country, it is very important to get all the necessary information.

Dubai is among the most well-known locations for job seekers from all around the world.
Experts from all over the world come to the city because of its advantageous location, tax-free salaries, and opulent lifestyle. According to t a report by Bayt, Dubai’s economy is supposed to grow by 4.4% in 2023, with a larger part of new jobs being made in the service sector.

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In this article, we will discuss the job market in Dubai and the most in-demand industries. We will likewise take a look at job opportunities accessible for Pakistanis and the visa requirements for working in Dubai.

Dubai’s Economy and job market:

Dubai’s economy is profoundly expanded and has a healthy mix of service, trade, and industry regions. The emirate’s GDP (Gross domestic product) should create a CAGR of 4.4% between 2021-2026, driven by the non-oil region.

The city is home to a few multinational companies and international organizations, making it a center for business and trade.

The job market in Dubai is exceptionally serious, with countless qualified experts from around the world competing for worthwhile positions. It has a highly educated labor force, with a large proportion of the population holding tertiary degrees. The city’s flourishing economy and vital area make it an appealing spot for experts from everywhere in the world.

Most in-demand industries in Dubai:

Some of the most in-demand sectors include:

Human Resources Social media marketing Web development
Hospitality Internet Marketing Management consulting
Financial Accounting Investment banking Logistics
Computers and IT Hospitality industry Video production
Business development Supply chain management IT management
E-commerce Construction management Consultant
Audit Customer relationship management Public Relations
User interface design Web design Digital media

 Job opportunities for Pakistanis in Dubai:

Countless Pakistani exiles dwell in Dubai. what’s more, the city extends various job opportunities for Pakistanis. The most in-demand industries for Pakistani experts include healthcare, education, engineering, and finance. A few Pakistani companies have set up workplaces in Dubai, giving further open doors to talented workers.

Pakistanis looking to work in Dubai can look for employment opportunities on online job portals or connect with enrollment offices to gain practical experience in putting Pakistani experts in Dubai.

Understanding the visa requirements for working in Dubai:

To work in Dubai, Pakistanis should get a work visa. The visa application process is moderately direct and requires the following documents:

  • A valid passport
  • A task offers by a Dubai-based business
  • Educational certificates and records
  • A  health certificates

Dubai Job Opportunities: Where to find them?

DubaiEveryone has difficulty finding a job anywhere.  As a result, getting a job in Dubai can also be challenging. In particular, this is for those who do not reside in Dubai or do not understand the job market there.

Job portals and agencies online:

Online job portals and agencies that hire candidates for their companies offer job opportunities in Dubai.

Websites that offer jobs:

Online job portals like Bayt, Gulf Talent, and Naukrigulf are well-known in Dubai. On these websites, users can build profiles, look for and apply for job openings, and get interest-based job alerts. Managers of different companies use these portals to post work openings and find out the most suitable candidate for their company.

Tips for Using Job Portals Effectively:

Take into account the following advice to improve your chances of discovering employment prospects using job portals:

Create a unique profile: Make sure your profile is complete and tailored to the position you’re looking for. Use relevant keywords in your title and summary to make your profile stand out.

Set up job alerts: Use the job alert feature of online job portals to get notices about job vacancies that match your skills and preferences.

Apply quickly: Go after job openings as quickly as time permits, as employers frequently get an enormous number of applications and may close the opportunity once they find a suitable candidate.

Follow up: On the off chance that you don’t hear back from the employer subsequent to going after a job, follow up with a well-mannered email or call to express your advantage and get some information about the status of your application.

Applying for Jobs in Dubai:

Dubai is a cool city with bunches of occupation choices in various enterprises, yet many individuals need those positions as well. In this way, you should be prepared and impress the businesses to stand apart from the opposition. To apply for a job in Dubai, you should follow these tips;

  1. Tailor your CV and cover letter to the job requirements

Take the time to carefully peruse the expected set of responsibilities and prerequisites, and tailor your CV and cover letter to feature the skills and experience that are generally applicable to the job. This will show the employer that you’ve taken some time to figure out the position and are a good fit.

  1. Highlight your achievements

Try not to simply list your job duties – try to feature your accomplishments and the effect you’ve played in past parts. This could include activities you’ve led, awards you’ve won, or sales targets you’ve exceeded.

  1. Keep it concise

Managers in Dubai get numerous applications, so it’s vital to keep your CV and cover letter compact and to the point. Aim for no more than two pages for your CV, and one page for your cover letter.

  1. Be professional

Ensure your CV and cover letter are professional in tone and appearance. Avoid using slang or informal language, and write in a manner that is clear and easy to comprehend.

Average salaries in Dubai for different industries:

Salaries in Dubai are changing depending on the business and level of experience. The average annual pay in Dubai is roughly AED 120,000 ($32,670 USD), according to the website PayScale. Here is a breakdown of average salaries for a few normal industries in Dubai:

IT: AED 144,000 ($39,227 USD)/per year

Finance: AED 190,000 ($51,817 USD)/per year

Sales: AED 110,000 ($29,975 USD)/per year

Marketing: AED 130,000 ($35,443 USD)/per year

Engineering: AED 145,000 ($39,516 USD)/per year

Benefits of Jobs in Dubai:

There are a few advantages of working in Dubai, including:

  • Tax-Free Income
  • High Salaries
  • Cultural Diversity
  • Professional Development
  • Quality of Life
  • Travel opportunities
  • Way of life


In conclusion, jobs in Dubai continue to be a popular choice for many Pakistani job seekers, given the lucrative salaries and benefits offered by employers in the UAE. Dubai provides a wide range of career prospects for experts in several disciplines, including finance, healthcare, engineering, and IT. Dubai has a vibrant economy and diverse businesses.

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