How to create a personal growth plan in 2021?

In reality, personal growth does not just happen; you have to work at it. There is no one size fits for all growth plans because God made everyone different and so the specifics of all growth plans must be different. They can have similarities but a growth plan should be specific to one’s own priorities.

So, how do you create a personal growth plan for your personal growth or leadership development? Following are the seven steps, to begin with:

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1- Find your purpose:

You must create your personal growth plan with a proper vision in mind. You must have a clear understanding of what you want to grow into. It is only good to achieve your goals but is also valuable for your personal development. By creating a vision, you establish your motivation for your growth which is crucial for your success.

2- Take a look at your present condition:

Once you are done with creating a vision for yourself, pay attention to where you are at present. You need to reflect and become more self-aware of your surroundings. It is because, in order to go from one point to another, you need to know where you are standing. Become aware of your own skills and weaknesses. Improving them will help you master the next steps in your personal growth plan.

3- Define the milestones:

A milestone is a scheduled event that indicates the completion of an important deliverable event of a project. You need to set up a milestone by following the SMART technique. The milestones you set should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound.

4- Develop a system of supporting habits:

In order to reach a point, you need to create a simplified plan in your head to reach there. You need to be careful of the smaller steps that you take because your small persistent actions bring a drastic change. Create a system of supporting habits that take you closer to your goals.

5- Stay away from distractions:

Distractions no matter how small they are, hijack your productivity. It can simply be scrolling down Facebook or even heading to the cafeteria when you feel like chatting. Avoid all such distractions by becoming conscious of them. Instead of focusing only on what you want to do, pay attention to things that you should not be doing at any cost.

6- Set up rewards:

When it comes to working according to your plans, setting up rewards is very important. It helps to keep you motivated and to develop better behaviors. If you have worked hard and reached your goal, reward yourself. Reward yourself with anything that you like and it will help you go to extra mile for your growth project.

7- Measure your progress:

You can make adjustments to your growth plan when there is a need for it, therefore, keep measuring your progress. Get feedback from any of your friends or check yourself that where have you reached on your success journey. It will help you anticipate what your next steps should be while working toward your goals.

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