‘One’ Leadership principle to learn from Warren Buffett and Bill Gates

Warren Buffett’s entrepreneurship journey has seen him shifting gears from small business to the world’s 3rd richest man. HBO’s recent documentary – Becoming Warren Buffett – covers Buffett’s success story along with his friend, Bill Gates who is the world’s second richest man at the time of writing this article.

It’s all about ‘Focus’

In the documentary, both leaders are asked to write one word that has made them successful and that should also be advice for budding entrepreneurs and young business people.

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Both gentlemen wrote one word on the paper ‘Focus‘.

Later on, it was revealed that both did not talk to each other about the question so the answer was solely their pure inner intuition based on their life long experience.

It should not come as a surprise that you cannot become successful if there is no focus and commitment in your life. Aiming target with precision is the only way you can achieve your goals in personal and professional life.

It is very important to do what feels good and your heart agrees to it. When you execute, naysayers will stop you from progressing but do not pay heed to outer voices who do not have any significant role to play in your journey towards success.

Listen to you hear and stay to your goals. Sometimes, you may have to change the path and that’s perfectly fine but never change your goals. Persistency is the key. Those who continuously make progress towards their goals are better destined to succeed in life over those who just live life by going through the motions.

Buffett says that he has made very few trades in his decades-long investment career because he only makes investments when he feels right about it.

Spend time ‘Learning’

Buffett also said that he spends a lot of time reading and takes very little time in taking an action. Both, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett read about 50 books a year to learn new things, different cultures and successful people from different countries.

You may not be able to make a big fortune as Gates and Buffett but by following their advice about focusing on life, you certainly can make your life successful.


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