How to Cope with fear, anxiety and anger

As a young millennial with high hopes, you want to be your own boss. But there is something that always holds you back. A whisper in your ear keeps discouraging you and tells you not to even try. It is the fear that stops you and no matter what you want to do, the inner voice always shuns you from making any advancement. It is not just the fear but also the anger and anxiety that comes with it. You require a lot of emotional intelligence to cope with these feelings and react appropriately to your own self and the people around you.

Following are a few ways that can help to build emotional intelligence in order to handle fear, anger, and anxiety in all kinds of situations you come across:

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Understand your own self:

Your behavior and attitude indicate a lot about your level of intelligence. Therefore, you must understand your emotional responses completely. You must be aware of where your weaknesses lie and pay attention to your reactions and behaviors.

Breather correctly:

One of the best ways to lower the stress that leads to feelings of fear and anger is to breathe correctly. It is a strong medicine for any kind of anxious emotions and feelings and sends a message to your brain to calm down and relax. Once the brain sends this message to the entire body, it results in a lower heart rate and reduced blood pressure.

Transform negative energy into positive ones:

The best way to handle any kind of negative thoughts is to transform them into positive ones. In the case of facing failures, instead of allowing your emotions to reinforce an unproductive mindset, think of the ways with which you can channel your negative thoughts. Once you transform negative energy into positive energy, it will help to open up new opportunities for you in life.

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