How to become the most recognizable company in your industry

The ultimate aim of any business is to become the ‘go-to’ organization in its industry, creating such rock-solid brand positioning that customers are already sold on your business before you’ve even offered them a product or service.

Naturally, this privilege is incredibly difficult to attain, and, by its very nature, only one company in any single market can achieve it. Therefore, if you want to become the ‘go-to’ brand in your market, you will have to out-position the company that already holds that sought-after number one spot.

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This might seem like an impossible task, especially if you haven’t been in business for as long as your competitors. Still, in reality, you can quickly usurp them if you implement the correct marketing techniques and have an actionable brand positioning strategy.

Here are the most impactful techniques you can use to become the most recognizable company in your industry:

Go above and beyond with merchandising

The most important piece of advice to remember when trying to become the most recognizable company in your industry is to get inside your prospect’s heads. 

Presumably, you already have a firm belief that your products or services are the best on the market, but all that’s stopping you from becoming the number-one brand is customer perception. Therefore, this is not simply a matter of undercutting your competitors on price, product quality, or the number of freebies you throw in.

Instead, it is a psychological shift that needs to happen within your customer’s minds. To help make this happen, you will have to be bold. Your branding will have to become indelibly linked with your industry, a by-word for quality and expertise. 

A great way of positioning yourself as the most recognizable brand is simple – become more recognizable. Make your branding clear and distinctive, and go one step further by circulating a range of high-quality merchandise that your market will want to use daily.

Merchandise, such as promotional wristbands, will help your brand sink into people’s minds, reminding them with every sip of coffee, walk in the rain, or any other daily experience your merch helps with that your company exists. 

When the time comes, and they need to buy from your market, they will recognize your brand above all others.

Don’t be afraid to have a personality

Another great principle when you are aspiring to become the most recognizable company in your industry is to have a personality. The majority of businesses are so afraid of alienating their market that they forget to attract anyone either. Marketing is actually akin to meeting new people at a social event. While you shouldn’t go into any conversations wanting to offend, you would also make few friends if you displayed zero individualism, personality, or opinions. From the perspective of others, it just isn’t trustworthy.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to inject your own unique personality into your company. It has to be natural, of course, so don’t create a fake persona, but some people will be far more attracted to your company as a result.

A few people may be put off, but that’s okay because you can’t please everyone – just enough to make you the obvious choice within your market.

Take every setback as a marketing opportunity

Just as you should not be afraid to be polarizing from time to time in order to elicit a strong response from your market, you should also regard every setback or obstacle as a marketing opportunity.

If a competitor offers a product you simply can’t recreate, own up to it in your marketing and instead spin the narrative around to promote your product instead.

By owning your flaws and turning them into positives, you will develop far stronger positioning, look less needy for sales and become a more respected brand in the process.

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