How to become more confident in life?

There are certain situations where you feel you lose confidence. Maybe, it is while interacting with your boss, parents, co-workers, and even sometimes strangers. You even lose confidence when you confront someone who is better educated, smarter, or more attractive than you.

This lack of confidence matters the most when you are speaking publicly or being interviewed for a job. In such circumstances, you usually fake confidence to overcome the insecurity of low confidence.

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Confidence is the key to all success and even if you are feeling low on confidence, you need to appear as confident. Following are the ways that can help you to look more confident than you actually are:

Make eye contact:

When you lack confidence, you fear looking into the eyes of the other person. The other person’s behavior becomes intimidating and you feel uncomfortable. You start looking at your surroundings but that makes the other person feel irritated. Therefore, focus your attention on the person you are talking to and it will instantly make them feel important and they will respect you.

Firm shake hand:

You need to show people that you are confident in yourself and your abilities. The best way to do that is by shaking hands firmly with the people whom you meet. Touch on the shoulder is powerful while shaking the other hand. When you do it the right way, it brings a greater impact on the other person making you appear more confident.

Do not rest on objects while standing:

Your posture reveals a lot about your personality; therefore, it is very important to stand upright. When you are speaking to people, do not rest on the podium or on the wall. Show the audience or the person you are talking to that you are completely engaged in your topic and not just listening.

Have feet firmly planted on the ground:

You also need to be careful not to cross your legs while you are standing. It will make you look like you are nervous. Therefore, have your feet firmly planted on the ground and stand straight.

Take more space:

When you are standing in front of an audience, you can show your confidence by taking up more space with your hands. Don’t be afraid to appear big at the table or while standing. Open up your arms wide but keep the movements controlled.

Do not stand in a funeral director post:

Crossing your arms in front of you with palms inward makes you appear like standing in a funeral director pose. Shielding your body with your arms is a sign of nervousness so never do that.

Chose to sit at the table:

Most people who lack confidence prefer to sit at the overflow chairs that are lined up against the wall during a meeting. If you want to show people that you are confident, they always chose to sit at the table. It shows you have the ability to confront people and are even stronger than you are.

There are so many people who cannot be confident all the time but there are a few ways that you can adopt in order to appear confident. These simple tricks will provide you with the opportunity to make a lasting impression in front of other people in times of need.

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