How to Avoid the Mistakes many of us make at work?

It is a fact that career slumps can happen to anyone. Most people often do not realize what made them slip and what decisions went wrong. There are so many mistakes that you make unknowingly that can kill your career. These are the mistakes that bring hard-hitting consequences and make you end your career in subtle ways.

The following are 6 terrible mistakes that you made that undermined your career and damaged it.

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1. Spreading negativity:

When you feel down and depressed, this affects other people. Negativity complicates things for everyone making it hard to work. When you are hired for a job, you are supposed to make your boss’s and team’s job easier. But if you keep complaining about the work and other people you communicate with, then it will become hard for people to work with you for a long. This could end up losing your job in the long run.

2. Wrong choices with food:

When it comes to eating food at the workplace, anything smelly should be avoided at all costs. It may not seem like something important but it does create discomfort for other people and builds resentment quickly. The strong smell of your food is an indication to other people that you don’t care about them even when you do and keep them away from you.

3. Promising and not delivering:

You need to be very careful when you promise something to people. If you fall short in delivering what you promised, it makes you stand in a terrible position. It may tempt you to promise something to your colleagues or your clients but when you are not able to deliver it, people will not trust you anymore. The deliberate undershooting of your goals can make you lose your job easily.

4. Not controlling your emotions:

When you express yourself harshly towards an employee no matter how much they deserve it, you turn all the negative attention towards yourself. People consider you as unstable. When you are unable to control your emotions, people question your trustworthiness which can deprive you of your driver’s seat. No matter what happens, control your emotions, and keep them together all the time.

5. Talking bad about others:

It is easy to get carried away by gossiping about other people. But if the gossip finds its way to those people, it can hurt their feelings a lot. It makes you look negative and mean every time you do it. It is always hard to work with such people so never indulge in gossiping about your colleagues or clients.

6. Expressing that you don’t like your job:

The easiest way to bring down the morale of your team is to tell them that you hate the job you are doing. It creates negativity around you and people take you as someone not interested in their work. So avoid expressing your feelings even if you hate the job because there are always enthusiastic replacements waiting to fill the place.

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