Introducing Quartz: Apple’s AI-Based Health Coach

Introducing Quartz: Apple's AI-Based Health Coach

Apple is well-known for its innovative technology that not only provides convenience but also enhances the user’s lifestyle. The company has now set its sights on expanding its health and wellness offerings with the development of an AI-based health coach, nicknamed Quartz. Bloomberg sources suggest that this new technology will draw on Apple Watch data to create personalized programs for exercise, diet, and sleep, providing users with valuable insights into their health.

Personalized Health Programs

The Quartz AI-based health coach is set to revolutionize the health and wellness industry by offering personalized programs tailored to the user’s needs. By utilizing the data collected from the Apple Watch, Quartz will be able to analyze the user’s activity levels, sleep patterns, and dietary habits. This information will then be used to create a customized program that is designed to help the user achieve their health and fitness goals.

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A Subscription-Based Service

According to insiders, the Quartz AI-based health coach will be a subscription-based service, which is not surprising given Apple’s push towards services to improve its bottom line. The offering is expected to launch sometime in 2024, provided nothing changes. The coach might be interesting to individuals who might somehow pay for a human coach to reexamine their habits.

Health App for iPad

In the close term, the Wellbeing application is supposed to turn out to be more valuable with Mac at long last carrying Wellbeing to the iPad with the current year’s iPadOS 17 release. A further update will supposedly help users track their mood by answering questions about their day. The Health app will also enable users to manage vision issues like nearsightedness. In addition, there are rumors that Apple may release a journaling app to help document users’ days, similar to Day One.

Expected Announcement

Apple has already declined to comment on the Quartz AI-based health coach. Assuming the cases are precise, the organization is supposed to disclose its for quite some time expected blended reality headset at the developer event, WWDC, on June fifth. Rumors suggest that the wearable may offer health-related features like a VR edition of Fitness+ and a meditation tool. This underlying product would be focused on developers and power users, yet a more reasonable follow-up is accepted to be underway.


Apple’s foray into the health and wellness industry is not new, but the development of an AI-based health coach, Quartz, is a significant step forward. With the ability to provide personalized health programs, users can expect to receive valuable insights into their health and fitness. Furthermore, the expansion of the Health app to the iPad and the rumored journaling app will provide users with even more tools to manage their health and well-being.

The upcoming release of the mixed reality headset may also include health-related features, cementing Apple’s position as a leader in health and wellness technology. While Apple has not confirmed the development of the Quartz AI-based health coach, the rumors suggest that users can expect this exciting new technology in the near future.

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