What should a freelancer do daily to balance their life?

Freelancers may face some challenges on freelance marketplaces. I’ve already covered some facts about freelancing and have discussed the pros and cons in detail.

Freelancers chose to walk a little different path. It’s not easy to make money regularly. Unlike a fixed job paycheque that guarantees weekly or monthly payments, freelancers have to earn every single penny by sitting at their desks. They spend their day hunting for new projects and satisfying existing clients.

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In this post, I want to take liberty and move beyond all the romantic scenery built around freelancing. Time for a little reality check because it could help in avoiding a lot of health issues among freelancers.

For a freelancer, time management is the most important thing. Everything revolves around time in a freelancer’s life. Time to wake up, to do work, do the bidding, and most importantly time for themselves and their family which unfortunately is missing in the life of the majority of online workers.

Freelancing is freedom but this freedom has a price. Price of avoiding self-care, ignoring relations, and not spending time with friends.

Here’s what every freelancer needs to do daily without skipping a beat.

  • Take a shower after waking up
  • Stretch a bit to relax your tired muscles
  • After checking your emails, and PMBs, go out and take some sun or fresh air. It enhances your mood for better productivity.
  • Don’t sit for more than 30 minutes on your chair. Get up and walk around.
  • Drink water regularly
  • Put yourself on a schedule by using software to track your work, progress
  • Exercise for 15 minutes a day. I usually prefer the evening for my workouts.
  • Avoid the phone at dinner and talk to your family.
  • Remember, the weekend is the best time to spend with family and friends or probably go for a long drive.

Last but not least, remember this lesson from Frog – Jump out of your miseries when you still have strength

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