Here is why your IQ will be irrelevant in the future

Psychologically people differ from one another; some have more prominent personality traits while some show a less consistent pattern of behaviour. But all individuals possess some kind of intelligence which differentiates their behaviour. Intelligence is processing that allows everyone to process from infancy.

The IQ has a strong correlation with wealth and it has been there from centuries. But the recent studies as published by Huffington Post proves that this may not be the same in the coming years.

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For the past one hundred years, S.A.T. has been the best predictor of success. System thinking has been considered a way to go ahead of other people for centuries. This is something that has helped people to attain wealth who were not even born in well-off families. But the studies being carried out now reveal that we may experience more and more competition from computers on core system thinking tasks. In a way system thinking will be more required in the future but it will be mainly done with the help of computers instead of humans. And in the coming year, it will be computers who will be able to achieve perfect S.A.T. scores, not humans.

And the computers will be able to achieve more; the value of I.Q. may not be the same anymore. Humans may be happy with some level of competency of system thinking, but the reward on any extra ten points on S.A.T. will have no value as it had decades ago.

In twenty year, getting into the top school, students will probably need 1200 on the S.A.T. score which is 1500 right now. The ability to understand a complex issue will become really valuable and within colleges, certain fields will have more value to the world in future.

In the next one hundred years, wisdom is likely to rise as raw brain power will be able to win in many areas. Computers will help older people and will provide them tools to compete with younger people. Also, judgment will become extremely important in the coming years. People, who do not follow rules, remain confused with which path to choose for themselves.

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