Here is why Apple may discontinue iPhone X around the middle of 2018

Many people may be experiencing anxiety to get Apple’s most expensive device i.e. iPhoneX by shelling out a lot of money. They have been doing the same thing every time a new iPhone hits the market. But this year though, things turned out pretty different. It has come as a shock for Apple devotees as the company is expected to retire the flagship device ahead of a new cycle of iPhones in the fall of 2018.

The Reason:

It is because the hype that was created before the launch of iPhone X didn’t garnered sales as expected. The divisive design and the high price of the product have put off many people from buying the phone. They prefer cheaper iPhone versions instead of buying the expensive model.

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Previously Apple used to carry on with the product by lowering the price. But this is the first time that the company has planned to bring an end to its lifespan even before the new product will be introduced. Many of the experts are blaming the design of the iPhone X is the reason for low sales. The bigger screen of the iPhone X has tricked many consumers by making them believe that the iPhone has less usable real estate as compared to a standard model of the iPhone. But the experts believe that despite the possible setback,

Apple will continue to take the iPhone X-style design to its upcoming series of iPhones which means the design isn’t the cause of the setback and is expected to remain a part of the upcoming models.

The timespan of the iPhone X indicates that it will run for a limited amount of time. But after the rumors, there is still time to see whether the sales boost in this time period or not.

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