Here is how you can DE clutter your mind

Our mind has a mind of its own and races around and jumps from one thing to another. The random thoughts that popup are sometimes amusing but there are some that send us straight into the state of anxiety. It is because those thoughts are negative and are based on our every day’s stress. Modern life includes all kind of stresses especially when there is information overload. We see a lot of news making the headlines as the global temperatures are rising but this not the kind of issue we get informed about more often.

The ignorance of our mental stress causes so many problems in life including health issues, sleep problems, panic attacks, depression, and anxiety. It makes it difficult to focus on the important things in life. This is the time when we need to de clutter our mind in order to live a stress-free. Following are the ways that can help in this regard:

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1. Focus on what’s important:

De cluttering of our mind begins by focusing on what is important for us. Whatever thing feels distracting, we need to ask question whether it has any value in our life or not. If it is important, then we can find ways to fix it otherwise remove it from our life.

2. Learn to say “No”:

Saying yes to everything makes our life miserable. It makes us do something which we have not planned to do. The stress that arises because of the extra work, causes anxiety which get worse when we fail to get things done. Therefore, learn to say “No” and do only the things that feels right.

3. Get used to writing:

It is easy to free our mind from thoughts and worries once we start writing everything down on a paper. It is not possible that we stop thinking about our worries at once. We have to remove them from our mind through a process. This process start with forming of the worried thoughts into words, converting them into sentences, writing down on a paper, and then analyzing. This whole process helps us to more easily remove all the negative thoughts completely.

4. Use the new information:

Once we start to clear our mind from useless thoughts, it makes room for the cultivation of new ideas. But the new information can again overload if we do not determine where to use it. Therefore, it is necessary to apply the new available information in our life. By creating new things, we can bring a new kind of information in front of the world.

5. Let go of the things:

There are some people who hurt us in many ways. Remembering what wrong they brought to us develop negative feelings and give us more harm. It never helps to never to forgive them and brings up the topic again and again. The best way to make our life better is to let go of our past. Once we let things go that hurt us, our mind and heart come to peace.

The word “de-clutter” might seem like a lengthy process to get into. But it isn’t, it is just to let go of the wrongs people did to you, let go of the things that hurt you, and focus on what can make you happy. And trust me; there is no better happiness than making others happy by doing something good for them. Therefore, do well as much as you can and don’t ask for rewards because nature will reward you itself.

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