Here is how the colors you chose help to communicate your personality

The colors can have an impact on your work performance

Have you ever felt more energized, serious, calm, or determined different by putting on an item of clothing? This is because of the powerful effect of the colors that make you feel and act in a unique manner. According to experts, colors have a strong effect on your personality, emotional life, and physical appearance. If you chose colors wisely, it can positively affect your health, beauty, self-confidence. Not only does a color affects your overall appearance but also influence your work performance. Colors have transformational properties that can stimulate and balance which can be really helpful when you are changing job or looking to get promoted.

Every color has a purpose in making you the way you look as feel, it can either make your life happier, and more fulfilled even when you are working. The color you chose help to communicate your personal, therefore, you need to have an understanding of the basic colors you wear every day.

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Be careful with wearing black:

In the office culture, wearing black is best kept for management positions as it conveys leadership. But you will see a lot of people wearing black during a meeting because it shows the seriousness of an individual. In a professional setting, the black color gives a very sophisticated vibe along with making you appear slim and sharp.

Wearing the red color:

Wearing a lot of red is best in fields where the aggressiveness of an individual is seen as a positive attribute such as sales and the law. It represents great passion, assertiveness, and emotions of an individual. When you wear red, you are perceived by others as confident, direct, self-assured, powerful, and disciplined. It is the best color to wear when you need a confidence boost.

Shade of pink:

Many people consider the pink color as just best for females but that is not true. The pink color gives a very lighthearted vibe and actually accentuates your features. When you wear it in bright magenta, it complements the deep skin tones whereas the pastel pink looks best on people with a little bit with pale skin. When you wear pink for work, you will be taken by co-workers as friendly and easy to go with.

Calm your nerves with blue:

Blue is the color that helps to calm your nerves as well as of those who are around you. The color of the sky and deep sea will bring peacefulness to your mind. You will be able to concentrate better on whatever task you are working on. If you are a little bit heavier, then the blue color will also make you appear slimmer and in a business casual office, it will give a monochromatic look.

Wearing green:

If you are feeling run down with one of your project, chose to wear the green color more often. It will enable you see both sides of an issue by bringing balance and harmony. It can even help you to feel good when you have a big decision to make.

Choosing to wear yellow:

There are many people who ignore the yellow color very easily. But yellow is the color for mental creativity as well as clarity. Choosing to wear the yellow color will not only help to brighten up your office but it will also help you to feel more positive, self-assured, and ready to take up the new challenges.

So the next the when you dress up every morning do not just look at the weather forecast. But also, review your calendar and see the schedule of your every day. With the help of the understanding of colors, chose the ones that best support your daily activities and boost your performance.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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