Here is how much time users spend on Facebook, SnapChat and Instagram

According to an eMarketer report, the average amount of time people spend each day on Facebook will not change from last year’s 38 minutes per day. This number is expected to even drop to 37 minutes per day next year.

“Facebook’s continued loss of younger adult users, along with its focus on downranking clickbait posts and videos in favor of those that create ‘time well spent,’ resulted in less daily time spent on the platform in 2018 than we had previously expected,” said eMarketer principal analyst Debra Aho Williamson.

The average time dropped to 41 minutes per day in 2017 to 38 minutes per day in 2018 on Facebook. In contrast, the average amount of time spent on SnapChat has also reduced as users are expected to spend 26 minutes per day on the app by 2021.

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The forecast for SnapChat does not look real thought because SnapChat says, it now reaches about 90% of users between 13 to 24 in the U.S.

Instagram users are likely to spend an average of 27-minutes per day on the app. This has increased up a minute since last year making it the only app with improved time spending.

It is expected that the number per minute every year will increase through 2021. Despite the increased time spent on the app, the number of minutes will still lag behind Facebook because of the number of users on the App.

The point of concern is, the average amount of time people spent per day on social networks in the U.S has dropped by nearly 1.5 minutes last year.


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