Here is how by reshaping your thinking about stress – you can retool positive response

Stress is considered a disease that makes people sick. People’s feelings towards stress and their attitude towards stress have remained pretty uncomfortable. It is because stress is belied to be harmful to your health and you feel that it can kill you. But according to studies, it is not the stress that kills people; it’s the belief that compels people about its harmful effects. But if you reshape your thinking regarding stress, you can actually retool your body’s response.

When you take stress as something preparing you for a challenge, it will pump more blood and you will breathe more in order to get ready for taking the action. When you learn to see stress as something positive, the blood vessels will not constrict and the body will respond more like it is full of joy. Following are the ways you can make stress your friend:

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  • Allow yourself to be stressed:

When you are having feelings of anxiety, you need to allow yourself to feel stressed. There can be multiple stressors as changing jobs, arguing with your family member, or losing a loved one. For any kind of situation, all you need to do is validate the challenge. Admit that you are facing a stressful situation.

  • Consider it a blessing:

Facing a setback in life does not mean the end of the world. Although for some time it makes your world go upside down. But if you see every challenge as an opportunity to explore more and change your direction to a better path, you will be grateful for the blessing. You could have no way thought of changing your decisions if you had not failed, you could never have thought of leaving a job to move for a better job, etc. there can be many ways that challenges in your life are for your betterment. So consider stress as a good way to prepare yourself for ahead.

  • Keep time for staying stressed:

Stress becomes harmful when you worry about something all day and night. That is something that makes you sick and eventually leads to diseases. But if you keep a specific time for taking the stress and then relax by doing something totally opposite, you won’t get affected by its harmful effects

  • Take help:

No matter what happens, you can always ask for help from your support system. There are few people in your life that can understand your stress and help you by giving you the best advice. Turn to those people and ask for help. You will feel stronger and will stay motivated throughout your stressful events.

  • Learn from challenges:

When you are under stress, you often take actions which you cannot think otherwise. This is the reason that obstacles and challenges in life offer you a lot to learn. You can learn more about your own abilities and about the topics that are making you stressed.

  • You become social:

One of the biggest advantages of stress is that it makes you social. You turn towards people asking for help which strengthens your relationship. When you tell someone what you are struggling with, you strengthen your trust in them and it protects you from the effects of stress.

  • Stress makes you resilient:

The repeated exposure to stressful events gives you the chance to develop both a psychological and physical sense of control. This makes you resilient and when you are in any kind of stressful situation, your brain just doesn’t get shut down. Instead, it works with more energy and makes everything easier to manage.

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