Here are 5 ways you can get yourself heard and captive the audience

Nowadays, making people listen to you seems like an Olympic feat. The greater use of social media has made everyone’s attention span very much shorter and no one seems to take time to truly listen to you. But instead of throwing a temper tantrum to people due to this reason, you should find out ways to make people listen to you.

For maintaining someone’s attention you need to be a good communicator and there are plenty of ways you can do that. If you feel like you want to know the good ways to keep someone’s interest in your conversation, following are the few tips to make sure others are listening to you.

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Learn the best pace to talk:

You cannot make people understand you when you are talking too fast or either too slow. You need to learn to keep the best pace for what you want to deliver. You need to understand that speaking fast will make your audience perceive you as too much excited to deliver your message. If you are too slow, soon your audience will lose interest in your talk, therefore, adopt a balanced pace to say what you want to.

Knowing change in volume:

Sometimes, you need to raise or lower your voice to build attention and to get people excited. For this purpose, you need to understand when to increase or reduce your volume. In this way, your speech will become more effective and people will be more interested in what you are trying to communicate to them.

Keeping a good eye contact:

It is very important to keep a good eye contact when you are talking to people. It does not mean that you keep on staring at them without blinking your eyes as it would make people uncomfortable. Instead, try to form an eye contact with each section of your audience. Your eye contact plays a great role in making people remember your thoughts that you deliver to them.

Do not exaggerate:

Your speech should be simple so that your message is easy to understand. You should not exaggerate in any way about anything as it would straight away be perceived as a lie. When you lie to impress people, they can judge it by the tone of your voice and you can lose their interest in an instant.

Add Prosody to the conversation:

While speaking to people, it is important to add some sort of prosody to your conversation. Prosody refers to the rhythm and pattern that is used in poetry and it is an essential component when you are speaking to an audience. It helps to keep people’s interest as speaking in a monotonous voice can make them lose their interest.

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