Happiness comes from within – Here is magic recipe to stay happy all the time

Happiness is a choice that you make every minute of every day but it is still a much researched and sought-out after state of being that philosophers and thinkers have always tried to explain. Sometimes when you are faced with a transition, happiness can feel unobtainable. But happiness can be found in such simple ways that you cannot believe you actually can.

Following are the few unconventional ways to stay happy nearly all the time:

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Stop linking happiness with material things:

There are a lot of people who believe that happiness has something to do with more money, new clothes, or better relationships. But that is not true; it just makes people chase a vague idea of happiness. Because no matter how much money you acquire and how many material things you have, there will always be reason to be miserable. Therefore, stop chasing things and start living the life that you have. Enjoy life by staying in the present and don’t think about the happenings in the past or any future events that have not yet taken place.

Be responsible:

You feel more frustrated when you are the mercy of other people. It happens when you blame other people, circumstances, and even objects for your problems. Unless you assume responsibility of things happening in your life, you cannot live your life happily. Instead of blaming others, focus on how you can make things right and try not to feel sorry for yourself.

Overcome the feeling of stimulation:

It has become a habit of many to enjoy life only when exciting things are happening. This can even make you feel bored and restless when things go on for a longer period of time. Therefore, learn to appreciate life even when the stimulation stops. Enjoy the moments that you spend with people, appreciate the sky you see on your way to work, and enjoy every bite of food that you take. Life is beautiful even in its entirety.

Don’t hesitate to take action:

You cannot achieve your goals unless you make an effort to turn your vision into a reality. If you are unhappy with your job, don’t complain, and start looking for a new one. Learn to find happiness even in the worst circumstances and you will see the beauty in everything that you.

Don’t keep expectations:

It is really hard not to expect from others but it is something that can keep you happy your whole life. Don’t keep unreasonable expectations from yourself or from others and accept life as it is. Stop thinking in terms of what you should be or what you could have been, instead, live as who you are. Once you learn to live with entitlement, everything good that happens becomes a wonderful surprise and you save yourself from getting disappointed by not keeping expectations.

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