Unlocking the Power of ChatGPT: 12 Hacks You Need to Know

ChatGPT has rocked the world, it is the quickest and fastest way to get millions of users. Although social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok were all these platforms, despite all of them, ChatGPT surfaced. This is because it is solving the problems of the world.

Remember you are being threatened on social media that your job will be replaced, and you will be good for nothing but it is always human vs human, it is not a human vs machine equation. The human who will use the machine best will use it as an assistant and will win the race. In this article, I will talk about 12 hacks of ChatGPT which you definitely did not know before.

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12 Hacks of ChatGPT to use it as an Assistant:

Let’s explore these hacks.

1. Summarize the Article (Give URL):

By using ChatGPT, you can summarize your article. All you need to do is just give a link to your article to the ChatGPT then it will write a summary of this article.


  • Summarize the article [URL of the article]

This prompt will summarize this article in a few lines. It is a very interesting way to get the summary of any article.

2. Summarize the Video (Put Title in Box):

You can also summarize any video by using ChatGPT but remember that if there is a YouTube video, you will give its link and you will also give the title of the video below the link. ChatGPT will analyze the audio and video content and will write a precise summary of the video. Remember that it is still evolving so it is good to summarize English videos as compared to Urdu videos.


  • Summarize this Video [Video’s link] Title of the video

3. Summarize lengthy words documents (TL, DR in 2 Sentences)

By using ChatGPT you can summarize lengthy words documents into simple lines. All you need to write is TL, DR (Too lengthy, didn’t read)


  • Summarize the document (Word Doc or any file) TL, DR

You are using it as an assistant, you are using it to your advantage, you are using it to save your time and it is doing amazing things for you.

4. Teach me Skills, Language:

You can learn anything using ChatGPT. For example, if you ask it to teach me how to remove background in Photoshop or if you ask it to teach me how to write SEO Friendly articles, it will teach you each and everything in a very easy way.


  • Teach me [ Any topic you want to learn]

5. Doctor (Diet/Meal Plan):

ChatGPT is also your doctor. If you need any type of information about your health, it will give you the proper guideline. For example, it will write a complete diet/ meal plan for you.


  • You can give it promptly according to your queries.
  • For example; [Create a diet/meal plan]

6. AI Clone of People:

ChatGPT can also use to generate human-like responses to input text. While it can mimic human conversation to a certain extent. You can ask it to rewrite the text in any person’s tone.


  • Rewrite the following in the tone of ABC person [Any Text]

7. Get Advice:

It also gives you advice and suggestions. You can start by asking a question or describing a situation that would like advice on, it will generate a response.


  • Create a nice response/advice based on [text]

8. Describe an image (URL):

It can also pick up an image and tell what is happening in that image.


Describe this image [URL]

9. Tour Planner:

It can also work as a tour planner. For example, if you have visited somewhere, you can also make your own tour plan from it.


  • Create a tour plan [Place name]

10. Recommendation (Movie, Book, etc.):

ChatGPT can also be used to get recommendations about anything. For example, if I ask it to recommend me 5 of the best Digital Marketing books it will give me the list of the best books.


  • Recommend me (Book, Movie, etc.)

11. Poetry:

ChatGPT can also work as a poet. It can write poetry, songs, etc.


  • Create poetry [Topic]

12. Kitchen:

It can also work as a dish maker. It suggests dishes based on ingredients. Like, if you ask it how to make Biryani it will write a complete recipe.


  • Make a recipe [Ingredients]


In conclusion, by using the 12 hacks you can earn money from ChatGPT and make your life easier. Last but not least, it can think and write itself based on the data you feed it. Now it totally depends on you how you get the advantage of this technology and can make money.

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