Abu Dhabi University Introduces ChatGPT Guidelines for Students and Faculty in UAE

In order to help faculty and students use the Open-AI-created artificial intelligence (AI) tool, Abu Dhabi University (ADU) has released Chat GPT guidelines. The announcement is a result of the university’s dedication to using cutting-edge AI technology to improve teaching strategies, the student learning experience, and research capabilities.

Utilizing Visit GPT, a huge language model, you can play out different errands like answering requests, giving out information, delivering text, and having discussions about a scope of subjects. The Graphical representation of a conversational AI model that uses natural language processing and machine learning to understand the input of humans and respond in a conversation-like manner.

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The ADU guidelines made available to both students and faculty members place a strong emphasis on using Chat-GPT in a way that is ethical and responsible and that adheres to the policies and procedures of the university. The instructions are given to the students about the use of the application in a proper way, avoiding plagiarism, and understanding that the generated content may not be accurate and should be changed accordingly.   Students have the chance to experiment with novel techniques and tools that can help them improve their research abilities thanks to technology.

Additionally, faculty members can profit from Chat-GPT by integrating AI technology into their lessons to enhance student learning and success while also enhancing teaching techniques. As the faculty members’ AI skills advance, ADU will also offer the necessary training sessions.

Professor Ghassan Aouad, the chancellor of Abu Dhabi University, put it this way At Abu Dhabi University( ADU), our ideal is to give faculty and staff members slice-edge, top-of-the-line technology to enhance our scholars’ educational gests. We hope that the introduction of Chat GPT guidelines will help our community members use this tool responsibly and proactively while also ensuring that it is used in a way that upholds everyone’s values and dignity. It is crucial that we prioritize ethical issues and encourage the responsible use of AI as we acknowledge how the technological landscape is changing and how it affects society. At ADU, we offer advanced programs that are research- and innovation-focused to help our students develop and succeed.”

As part of the University’s systems integration earlier this year, ADU started training GPT-4 on its data and services. By offering better and more effective services and raising the bar for educational technology, the incorporation of this technology benefits students, instructors, and staff.

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