Empower Your Freelancing Career with This Platform

Although, throughout the long term, gig commercial centers have become more like administrative arrangements, leaving specialists baffled as they are consigned to any semblance of brief laborers with little freedom.

This status quo will be challenged by the upcoming Uwerx platform, which will give freelancers a chance to be truly free. With its WERX token presale dynamic at the present time ($.0025 per token and a 20% reward), it offers gig laborers the chance to select by sponsorship the stage right off the bat.

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The current state of freelance work is troubling.

Online marketplaces for freelance work have been around for nearly two decades. Despite the fact that the number has grown exponentially, their business models have not changed in response to increased competition.

Heavy commissions—sometimes as high as 20%—unnecessary payment delays, stringent policies regarding freelancer rights, and restricted market access are major issues. These and different reasons force gig laborers into a position they are not content with and feel taken advantage of.

While stages put this multitude of limitations under the clothing of guaranteeing a decent market and being hostile to misrepresentation activities, truly these are intended to enclose consultants.

Uwerx (WERX) Will Break The connection For Good

The upcoming freelancing platform Uwerx (WERX) will be a game-changer in the freelancing industry. It will break the bonds for good. The platform will launch a service that is focused on freelancers and will use blockchain, among other things, to provide what other gig marketplaces do not.

Uwerx will make it possible for freelancers to offer their services in the most effective manner by supporting various management and productivity tools. This likewise stretches out to specialized instruments.

The native WERX token and the decentralized nature complete the picture. With no mediator, the stage will involve brilliant agreements for escrow, prompting perhaps of the least commission in the business (a simple 1%). The designers of Uwerx have likewise gone to lengths to guarantee its security, including a choice to secure their symbolic liquidity as an indication of confidence and a double review by InterFi Organization and SolidProof.

In the coming days, Uwerx will also release its alpha version, which will enable freelancers to begin developing their careers. Additionally, the platform’s leadership will change, with users receiving control from developers and taking charge of their own destinies.

Gig Laborers Love Outsourcing, Firms Love Consultants

The idea of working for yourself is charming and millions have observed that this is conceivable by taking the outsourcing course. COVID-19 and the global economic downturn have pushed people to look for jobs that can supplement their income or even become a career.

The affection isn’t uneven. Even businesses are choosing freelancers more and more, with nearly half stating that gig workers make up a quarter of their workforce.

The pre-sale of Uwerx (WERX) has already attracted thousands of buyers

With the promise of significant growth in 2023 and beyond, Uwerx is unquestionably emerging as a compelling investment opportunity.

With the release of portions of the Alpha Version, not only is its potential already apparent, but the upcoming Beta version is another exciting development that demonstrates its forward momentum.

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