Google’s smart security AI is pretty smart actually

Back in 2013, the world’s largest online ticket vendor Ticket master planned to stop torturing people’s eyeballs by making them decrypted blobs of melted character so that they can prove they are human. Google is now stabbing a fork by taking its security tests on a much broader level.

Google has made its security AI so smart that without asking internet users to check a box or solving irritating puzzles, it can detect whether the user is a robot or a human. It seems Google’s aggravating test CAPTCHA that was used to determine if robots are being used by spammers or other online-misdeed doers has outdated with the sophisticated technological innovations. Another aspect is that CAPTCHA is getting harder for humans to solve and nothing more than irritating the real humans. Google had announced a reCAPTCHA in the year 2014 for replacing the puzzles with a simple checkbox. This simple check box was much better as compared to the annoying puzzles as it required the users to just check the box and asked simple and very basic puzzles if there was something suspicious.

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The recent initiative taken by Google is much better as it does not engage users at all in dumb activities. It is called as an advanced risk analysis engine as it does not ask for any puzzle or a check box. On the website, the invisible re CAPTCHA is assigned to an already existing button and works without letting the user know. It figures in the background out by itself whether the users are an actual human or not. That’s good, as people will stay focused on their work without thinking about the going on security checking.

Via: The Next Web

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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