Google Play will now let you try Android apps first before installing them

Google today, announced a bunch of small and big updates updates to its Play Store. The most exciting is arrival of instant apps. Instant apps mean, you can stream the app to your device, try it first before installing it.

The new features took a little while to surface, although we first heard about instant apps last year in May at Google’s IO Developer event. With instant apps, users will be able to trial spotted apps from Google Play Store by just tapping the ‘try it now’ button under the listing.

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It is highly likely that instant apps is not rolled out to all the countries at this moment as we are unable to check the feature on few of the Asian Countries Play Store.

None the less, the feature is very important and will roll out to everyone in the near future. Instead of downloading an App only to find out that you do not need it and uninstall it, instant apps will save that hassle. Also in the case of paid apps, you can save your money by trying the app first before installing it.

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