Google Clips can be planted anywhere to take photos and videos

Google’s Pixel event was full of surprises as it launched so many exciting products along with its smartphones. The company has introduced a camera that uses artificial intelligence. With the help of this camera, users can get closer images of the things they want to capture such as of a dog or a baby who is camera shy. This is the kind of camera that can be planted anywhere to take photos and videos as it is trained to capture soundless video of faces and pets that it identifies, TheVerge reports.

The basic purpose of Google Clips is to help parents focus more on interacting with their children than holding a camera in their hand. Google in no way breaks any laws with this camera as when it is on, everybody knows that they are being photographed due to blinking of the LED light. The recordings of videos, photos, or GIFs can be transferred.

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The Google Clips come in a two-tone white and tail shade pairing. For continuous use, Google Clips has a battery life of three hours. With an internal memory of 8GB, it has a 12-megapixel sensor, a 130-degree field-of-view lens and has the ability to capture images at 15 fps. It is available for $249.

Right now, Google Clips is only compatible with Pixels, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus as well as with Samsung S7 and S8. By the help of a WiFi connection, the content can be transferred to other devices.

You can pre-order Google Clips here

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