Google can now tell how busy a place is

After introducing a smart feature for its search engine last year, Google made people more aware before visiting a place. The Popular Widget feature allows us to know how much busy a restaurant or a coffee shop is at different timings. Now Google has decided to upgrade its feature by making it real-time. It has become more precise in its information and lets us to know the exact time to head for a restaurant of our choice.

When searching for a restaurant you will look for a restaurant or a coffee place on Google Search and Google Map, the Popular Widget will simply appear in front of you. In order to determine how busy a place is, this tool uses anonymized location data and searches.

As experienced, the non-real time version was also accurate. But it did not have the power to tell the changing number of people at a busy place or at some special events. Google informs its users that people remain at one place for a longer time. Therefore to find a place at your favorite coffee shop you need a combination of the new real-time data and the already existing feature that can get you there on time. The new Popular Widget is not live yet, but it will be available to the audience in the next few hours.

Via: Tech Crunch