Google assistant is coming to Google’s Chromebooks

Google is aiming to spread its assistant services towards more devices. It is already providing its services in Android TVs and headphones; the only area where the tech giant is yet to make its presence known is the Chromebook. Recently, it has been reported by 9to5Google that the October 4th event of Google may include more of Chrome OS fans. This information indicates that some Google Assistant apps will work on Chromebooks because not every app is compatible with every platform.

Every Google Assistant app lists what devices it’s compatible with. Alongside the usual mob of Android releases, the Chat with the Assistant app has started listing compatibility with the Chrome machines. Previously there was a code to hint for a support but the recent reports suggest that the support is about to happen.

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It is not confirmed that Google will be discussing its Assistant for Chromebook on October 4th, but if the Pixelbook gets talked about then there are chances that Chrome OS is also going to be in the limelight. Google has plans to make its Assistant available in as many places as it can but it’s not confirmed when we will see the feature being widely made available to the public.

Via: Engadget

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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