Google Assistant is better than Apple’s Siri

iPhone 7 vs Google Pixel

Google Pixel and iPhone 7 are the only two players in the market who are playing for the best smartphone brand now. With Samsung out of the game, Google and Apple are not under much pressure. Google Assistant and Apple’s SIri are the two flagship devices that are competing against each other.

In order to compare the two devices, a small test was carried out. A little difference was found in the speed of the two virtual assistants. Apple’s Siri was faster than Google’s assistant in answering the questions. But Google’s assistant provided more accurate information along with detailed results about the queries asked. It was more relevant in providing material regarding most of the searches.

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A new and improved AI algorithm used by the Google Pixel is the reason for its accurate information. It has made Google’s assistant more conversational and understandable in context of the questions asked. Whereas, Siri spends no time in getting to the detail of the question and provide prompt answers on the basis of just keywords.

One thing Apple’s AI has become quite famous for is its ability to make jokes and this is something Google is catching up. But the test revealed Google as one of the better one-liner as compared to Siri.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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