Google App Engine supports all programming languages

At the Google Cloud Next held in San Francisco, Google made an announcement regarding its renovated version of its App Engine. This overhauled App Engine is a Google’s service platform that helps for building application backend without maintaining a complicated infrastructure.

Recently, the App Engine platform has started supporting programming languages. This will be helpful for developers to create the app using the language they feel most comfortable with. This initiative by Google will change the whole idea regarding the App Engine’s capabilities. It will make the platform more open making it easy to get started with a developer’s chosen language, libraries, and frameworks. It will be really helpful in attracting customers to Google’s cloud platform.

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According to the Google’s VP of product management Sam Ramji, the App Engine initially started in a closed environment but this new launch will open up numerous capabilities for the platform. The previous version for this purpose was based on a limited set of runtime libraries and even once an application was built, it was not easy to take it out to Google. By making the platform open-ended it has made it easier for its users to move by avoiding lock-ins. With the help of this latest version, users can get the Docker image with an application if they wish to leave the platform and move it anywhere they want.

Initially, the latest version of the App Engine supports only seven languages including Java 8, Go, Python 2/3, Ruby, C#, Node.js, and PHP 5/7. Moreover, this version allows programmers to bring their personal language runtimes, third party libraries, as well as frameworks. For all the developers, the App Engine controls all the management which allows them to use the instruments they feel more comfortable to work with. The biggest advantage of using Google’s cloud service is that it does not engage the developer with the management issues. Also, the company is expected to introduce a binary programming package for developers to its App Engine as a Docker image.

The Google App Engine is a fully managed platform that completely abstracts away the infrastructure so that the developer can focus on the code. As a cloud tool, this App engine is developed for easy management but it does not mean to let it go lose all alone. By using the appropriate tools, developers still have the ability to undertake custom debugging or customized integration.

This is a flexible environment where developers can easily structure their applications. Considering the factors, developers can determine the environment best suited for their application in their most preferable language.

Via: Tech Crunch

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