Google All Set To Win The Computing Race

Something that started as a pet project to categorize, index, and open up the rowdy World Wide Web was finally christened as Google. Since its beginning, Google’s command over the internet and anything linked to it has been peerless. It became the biggest marketing powerhouse which revolutionized the search marketing.

There has never been an ending to Google’s evolving digital landscape and its ideas and concepts matured with the passage of time. Four years ago, Google evolved a more refined version of itself as Google Now. This was aimed at providing specific answers to questions that were asked on the Google’s search engine.

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At a time when Apple was still trying to figure out how to make Siri understand the simpler questions asked, Google decided to make a leap and lay the foundations in this regard. Recently, Google launched the next evolution of AI, Allo which is the Google Assistant.

This smart messaging app of Google is an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistance that provides all the answer to Apple’s Siri questions. It is meant to help users in all aspects, from answering your question to recommending the best places in town.

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The range of the virtual assistants is not limited to just answering questions, it is developed to get smarter with more usage. It is smart enough to become a unique Google assistant for every specific person and perform its duties specifically for very user.

This idea is not something we are not familiar with but a virtual assistance that customizes its services for the user is really one of its own kinds. Google has clearly dominated this category among all the major tech companies from Microsoft to Amazon to Facebook.

Google’s assistance is far ahead of Siri in terms of its services. Siri struggles even with the simplest queries asked but Google is more definite and confident in answering to any type of questions. The outcome of any question asked from Siri results in a list of possible answers whereas Google provides users with the exact answers.

Another great success is Google Home Speaker which is one of its kind tech gadgets on the market. It is a competitor to Amazon’s Echo speaker which is controlled by voice. But Google’s Home Speaker is a technology far ahead from that of Amazon’s. It not only plays music and control smart appliances but also answers to the questions intelligently and in a much better way than Amazon’s Alexa. Most importantly, Google’s Home speaker is capable enough to do a lot more things that Alexa is not even programmed for.

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With its evolution of Home Speakers, Google has actually been able to build a multi billion dollar business today on a simple idea of answering questions. Now its focus revolves around its expertise of AI to be with the users no matter where they are.

Google Assistant is not only a natural and intelligent form of human-computer interaction but it is also an important participant of the AI assistant race. It is the most intelligent step towards voice-controlled computers and Google is proving to be the winner in this marketplace.

OK Google.

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