Get Ready to Go Viral: How to Use YouTube’s “Add Yours” Sticker

How to Use YouTube's "Add Yours" Sticker
YouTube is introducing an experimental feature aimed at increasing engagement among creators of YouTube Shorts.

This new feature, called the “Add Yours” sticker, is currently being tested with a few channels. It allows creators to initiate and participate in trending topics.

The announcement was made in YouTube‘s weekly news update for video creators.

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This experiment offers a fresh method to encourage audience interaction, potentially sparking viral trends and challenges.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Creators in the test group will see an “Add yours” option in the sticker picker when creating a Short video.
  2. After recording their Short, they can tap “Next,” then the sticker icon, and choose “Add yours.”
  3. They can then type a prompt for other users to respond to.
  4. The sticker will be displayed as an overlay on the published Short video.
How to Use YouTube's "Add Yours" Sticker
Screenshot from YouTube

Viewer Engagement

Viewers watching Shorts featuring the “Add yours” sticker can engage by clicking on the sticker and crafting a response video.

How to Use YouTube's "Add Yours" Sticker
Screenshot from YouTube

Channels can monitor engagement by tapping on the sticker, allowing them to view all Shorts created in response to their prompt, offering valuable feedback and insights.

What This Means for You:

To demonstrate the impact of YouTube’s new “Add Yours” sticker for Shorts, let’s explore how a food lover could leverage this feature.

Example: “Healthy Recipe Hack”

  1. Initial Short: Demonstrates a quick and easy healthy recipe, like a 5-minute fruit smoothie.
  2. Sticker: “Share your favourite healthy recipe!”
  3. Caption: “Discover new flavours! What’s your go-to healthy dish? #HealthyRecipeHack”
  4. Result: Other creators share their favourite healthy recipes, showcasing a variety of nutritious options.

Limited Release

YouTube is currently rolling out the feature exclusively to a select group of Shorts creators using mobile devices. This controlled release enables YouTube to collect feedback and enhance the feature before considering a broader rollout.

Future Outlook

The debut of the “Add yours” sticker reflects YouTube’s strategic move to compete in the short-form video arena, currently dominated by platforms such as TikTok and Instagram Reels.

By simplifying trend initiation and participation, YouTube aims to foster greater engagement and accelerate the production of short-form videos.

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