Gboard, Google’s smart keyboard app with draw an emoji and lot more

Gboard is the smart keyboard app that has been introduced recently by Google. This update offers a number of features for helping users to communicate more easily and quickly without typing less.

Google has aimed to improve the typing quality by applying machine intelligence which will impact its ability to make new suggestions and correct mistakes. These changes will be visible through a new feature which will be suggesting phrases instead of plain words. The new app will also allow users to incorporate an emoji on the screen in a conversation. This draw-in-emoji feature will be more fun to use and will make the texting experience much easier.

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The users will be able to tap on the emoji handwriting icon in order to draw an emoji right on the screen. This drawing will automatically be recognized by Gboard and results will be shown that match the emoji in question. This is still unclear how this process will work for emojis outside the simpler ones.

Google has not attempted to simplify its emoji usage in Gboard, its app already supports an emoji search feature that enables users to type in the emoji’s name. For a long time, Google has been experimenting with drawing on the screen as an alternative to typing. Over the years, Google has improved its ability to recognize drawings. The Gboard phrase suggestions seem to be more appropriate for today’s usage because now instead of just suggesting words, the app makes phrase suggestions.

The Gboard because of using the machine intelligence knows what words occur in what language and which words come after specific words. For now, this feature is available only in English but the company plans to make it supported by other languages as well.

The changes will come on Android version 1st.

Via: Tech Crunch

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