Fundraiser Activities that are Fun and Work Surprisingly Well

People are more generous when they are happy, and that is a time-tested fact. The waiter gets a bigger tip if his service was exceptional and more funds are raised if the event managed to please its attendees. The activities we have for you today will blend in perfectly with your next fundraiser event and add that all-important element of fun to it.

Add a Dunk Tank

The dunk tank is a tricky one to pull off, but they also add that missing sense of humor to any corporate fundraiser. There are, however, a few prerequisites that must be met beforehand.

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  • The hot seat must be filled by a well-known authority figure who is very closely associated with the fundraiser, aka the boss!
  • Never put them on the spot, but talk to them beforehand regarding whether they want the hot seat or not
  • Learn how long it usually takes to fill a dunk tank and how to use which size safely for the event, and where

The best part about the dunk tank is that if you can get your boss on the hot seat, your guests and colleagues will be paying good money to see him/her take a plunge!

Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Every child has dreamt about digging up some treasure on a forgotten part of the world, and that’s precisely why scavenger hunts are so popular and engaging. They appeal to our embedded fascination for all things hidden. Scavenger hunts are popular as team building activities when they have elements of cooperation built into the game, but they work just as well for fundraisers too. To make your scavenger hunt more successful for raising money, make sure that the theme of the hunt and its clues are all related to the cause.

Arrange Small, Fun Competitions

Competition can lead to hotheadedness, which is why the games chosen for the event will not be serious ones at all. Carnival games are perfect for using all our inherent competitive spirits and getting everyone engaged, but they are also funny enough to keep the contests less aggressive. Rent a roller bowler, a bank shot table, or a ring toss game to start a tournament right inside the office. If you have the space for it, giant Jenga can get pretty exciting as well, and men at the office will not be able to resist the urge to see how strong they are if you put in a 17-feet striker.

It is advised that you choose your fundraiser activities wisely. A lot depends on who your guests are and the nature of the fundraiser itself. For example, a dunk tank is perfect as a grand event in an office fundraiser, while the all-time classic King of the Hill and other carnival games fit in anywhere. Just make sure that you choose the right props for the right event and concentrate on making your guests feel happy. Getting to know a bit about your biggest benefactors might help quite a bit in making that happen.

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