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Humans have been telling stories since they speak. A well-presented story reaches its objective and is remembered long after over others. The art of story-telling is effective when it reaches its listeners, hold the interest, and cross all age barriers. The effective application of this art is known to no one else better than Pixar. It truly knows how to use the story with the help of animation, sound, rhythm, and repetition of words. This Disney-owned animation studio creates movies that never lose the original flavour and essence of the story.

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Pixer knows very well the power of a story to connect with people on emotional level. Now the studio has decided to enable common people to use this strength of story-telling. Pixar in partnership with online education provider Khan Academy is assisting others to learn the art of great story-telling. These lessons are provided free of any cost and help students to learn how to create a story. Students will get to know how to develop the same feeling in the audience which comes to their head.

The previous Khan Academy courses by Pixar had been a good source of information including topics such as virtual cameras, effects, and animations but this time it has solely focused towards the less technical aspects of a movie creation.

Even for people working at Pixar, the story doesn’t come out perfect the first time. It takes many turns that the story actually sparkles and this is what is aimed to be explained to the students. The lessons will help with the initial creation of things like setting and character. Videos and activities will be included for all students to complete and provide a general basis for setting up a story.

The releases for these lessons will keep happening through t this year. In fact, the first lesson is available right now. With the first lesson based on initial understandings, the next lesson will focus more towards character creation, storyboarding, and emotional appeal of a story.

Pixar accounts for 20 years of some of the greatest films ever made from Toy Story to Finding Dory. Over these years this animation studio has become one of the most consistent purveyors of films. The artistically adventures movies ostensibly aimed at kids have also earned many adult fans.

What’s clear in every frame of a film is that Pixar is at the top of its game and its attempt to enable people to learn from its ability is something that is going to win their hearts forever.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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