Frames of mind – The theory of multiple intelligences explained

The verbal-linguistic intelligence has been defined by the research as it is the intelligence of language and communication. This intelligence involves your ability to speak, articulate, express, and convey your thoughts and feelings to the outside world in one or more languages. This also involves your ability to listen and understand other people as well.

It is one of the intelligence that was identified by Howard Gardner along with nine multiple intelligences. According to him the traditional ways of measuring intelligence were limited and he believed that individuals have not just the intellectual capabilities. Every individual has a range of abilities and talents and there are ways to improve each one.

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He also wrote a book called Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences has been hailed by educators for decades and applied in hundreds of schools worldwide. Obviously, the ability that you possess is not set in stone and there is a lot that you can do to enhance your most needed verbal-linguistic intelligence.

Following are the ways that you can practice to improve upon the abilities. These 7 signs also show the level of intelligence in a human being:

Write regularly:

For improving your writing skills, it is very important that you write regularly. If you keep a journal to write everyday then you will surely see an improvement after a short period of time. When you write in a journal it helps to improve other kinds of intelligences such as interpersonal. It is the intelligence that makes you more self-aware.

Read more:

Improving your verbal-linguistic intelligence can be best done by reading more. You must read a variety of books, magazines, and articles to gain more information. It does not have to be a specific style that you like to read. It is always better to read the style you find difficult. Challenging yourself to read different styles of writing will help to increase your intelligence.

Have conversations:

You cannot improve your verbal-linguistic skills if you do not converse with others. You must go out and meet new people. This will give you an opportunity to learn about their ideas and gain more knowledge.

Play word games:

Word games are not just for children, they are a great tool to improve your verbal-linguistic skills. Learn to play word games with other people and it will help you to practice your communications skills.

Solve word puzzles:

Usually, people scroll through their social media account when they are waiting for an appointment or a meeting. But that does nothing to enhance any of your abilities. Therefore, get yourself a crossword book or find an app that can make you improve your verbal-linguistic intelligence in a fun way.

Practice writing letters:

Writing a letter is not very common nowadays but it is not just a communication method, it is the way to improve your composition skills. Many famous writers of the past were fond of writing letter and became prolific letter writers. Start writing a letter to the older relatives of yours and they will truly appreciate it.

Learn new word everyday:

For improving your verbal-linguistic intelligence, you must learn a new word every day. Get linked to digital dictionaries that can send you a new word every day and no matter you don’t memorize it, it will stay in your memory whenever you come across it again. Make it a habit of using these words in your conversation and you will see the improvement yourself.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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