Forget burnout – Career Ledging is more serious problem and you might already have it

We are so much familiar with career burnout issue in our daily lives but there is now another phenomenon that is becoming more widespread nowadays. This lesser-known phenomenon is known as career ledging. Career ledging is basically a state when you have reached the highest point in your career and you don’t know where to move forward. With the rising expectations of universities and professional organizations, there is an increasing pressure to perform actively in the globalized economy.

This phenomenon is closely related to an individual’s future success but very little is being done to make people aware of this rising issue. When a person is stuck at eth highest point in his career, it is exactly like when a person has reached the highest point on a tree and does not know where to go further. These people obviously are the high achievers; they have the ability to acquire what they aim in life. But they lack the skill set to work out from the highest point or how to maintain the momentum at the level they have reached. It is the kind of feeling that leads to extreme pressure and stress in life. This is the time when businesses need to take responsibility of their people and their success. Researches have shown that businesses that invest in their people retain them and minimize the turnover.

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According to Business insider, following are the strategies that can assist in bolstering the leadership experience.

Consolidate external leadership experience:

This can be done with the help of board appointments and advisory roles as it is essential for building leadership experience.

Connecting with important networks and professional associations:

In order to build contacts, there is a need to find opportunities to participate in member panels, working groups as well as other initiatives. This involves you in the industry issues and development of your profile.

Speak and develop skills as a speaker:

Developing yourself as a speaker will help to develop your profile. Whether you speak through business networks or conference organizers, it will refine you speaking experience in many ways.

Seek out mentors:

Your support depends on the mentor who provides their guidance and feedback for nurturing your professional career. Therefore seek out for those mentors who can skillfully provide you the support you need.


Personal success depends on your mindset. You need to be mindful in your career, in your decisions, and in your life. You need to be confident in yourself to make other people believe in you.

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