Focus on these 7 things and your life will change for ever – it also helps the people around you to become productive

There are times when you can’t stop thinking about your grandmother’s cooked food or your favorite movie but whatever it is, it’s not work. Unfortunately, life happens and distractions get in the way of your checklist. Even if you start out with good intention, it’s very easy to fall prey to the ding of the emails or the bright lights of your phone. You really want to stop all the madness and become more productive.

Productivity is something everyone wants to be excellent at. Although, everyone tries to be productive in their own way but sometimes there are simplest of things that can make you more productive than ever.

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Get out and be active:

Doing some kind of exercise at the start of the day can make you more productive. When you go out for a walk or a bike ride, it gives you energy and enhances your mood. It gives you more energy throughout your day to perform tasks actively.

Keep your phone away:

The smartphone is no doubt the greatest inventions but it is like the feeder bar for your brain. You hit the button and get a jolt of dopamine. Use of phone during your work hours often just means about a hundred unearned breaks. Therefore, disconnect for few hours to focus completely on your important tasks.

Know your most energetic hours:

For managing your work schedule, you need to know which hours of the day you are most productive. If you find that you are most active in the morning then start your day with the toughest projects and try to get them completed. As you pass through the entire day, your workload should include less complicated tasks because you are not high on your energy levels at that time.

Set goals and deadlines:

You can become more productive if you have something to work on. It is necessary to set two to three goals for every day and work towards them. Keep deadlines for getting the work done and focus after that what needs to be accomplished.

Become aware of your strengths and weaknesses:

Every person has something that they are not good at. But these are the weaknesses that can be improved only if you know them. So, become aware of your weaknesses in any field and make an effort to make them better. On the same hand, for being more productive you must know what you are good at so that you can hone your skills and achieve more.

Be social:

Working remotely does not mean you will achieve more. You need to meet new people and go to new places in order to become more informed. Therefore, try to make it a priority to meet with one of your co-workers on a biweekly basis. Attend events that are meant to make people know each other and connect to the ones who belong to the same field. When you will be more informed, you have better ideas to get your work done.

Make no excuses:

Working on your own does not mean you are not responsible for your actions. You need to hold yourself accountable for whatever work you do and the decisions you take. When you will feel a responsibility for your actions, you will work with more interest and will become more productive.

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