Focus on these 5 things to stand out from the crowd

Individuals who grow up without learning etiquettes fail to develop important social relationship skills for interacting with others. It makes them more vulnerable to getting into a conflict while interacting with their peers. Etiquettes are the basic foundation that can be expanded upon with traits people wish to cultivate in their kids. Kids are like sponges soaking up everything around them and they absorb actions on daily basis and all kinds of behaviors can be mimicked by them. So, as parents, you must teach good manners to kids and it should not be just focused upon dinner etiquettes or what fork to use, but it should also be awareness towards how to treat people you meet.

Responding to people kindly not only stop them from treating you like crap but also encourage them to do the same with others. Teaching etiquettes starts at home. Therefore, you must start focusing on the following things

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Give respect to others:

When your child will see you being polite to others, it will help them develop relationship building skills. Be kind and courteous to others when meeting them or talking about them. Your words identify who you are and whatever you will utter will be pasted in your children’s minds.

Do not make false promises:

Saying yes to everything and then not being able to fulfill your promises send a negative impact on others. Therefore get the courage to say “No” to things you cannot do and avoid disappointing other people.

Focus on talking positive about others:

It is very easy to get involved in gossips and talking bad behind other people. But it creates a very bad impact on the minds of your children. Avoid talking negative about people even when they are not present.

Respect people’s choices:

Instead of forcing people to do what you want them to, respect their free will. Not only people will not like being forced to do something they don’t want but will also prefer staying away from you.

Do not criticize people in front of the public:

Criticizing people in public draws more negative attention towards you rather than the person you are focusing on. If you actually want to give a productive feedback, then do it privately. This will teach your child to remain respectful even when things are not going as you want them to.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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