Five Great LinkedIn Features to Improve Performance


You may have heard people expressing their love/hate relationship with LinkedIn. But if you are someone who only uses the site to look up for a prospect’s credentials or check a connection request email, then you miss a number of opportunities that can help you grow professionally. You may have never understood that the benefits of using LinkedIn go beyond prospecting and recruiting because this site can be an incredible tool to improve your overall performance.

Following are a few of the ways that can help you to Amp up your performance:

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Identify the type of advice to seek or give:

At LinkedIn, you deeply connect with people by engaging in getting advice or giving advice to other members. For this purpose, you can look up for the feature by clicking on your photo in the top right. By clicking on the view profile, you will see Career Advice Hub which will help you to identify the type of advice you are seeking or willing to offer. This is a feature that not only broadens your perspective but also helps you to solve your own challenges.

Productive meetings:

LinkedIn has brought back an old app named as Refresh. Now this valuable source is available on LinkedIn and allows you to sync your calendar with the site. It allows you to get the 4-1-1 people you will be meeting and will the process more productive.

Connecting with like-minded groups of people:

Groups are a kind of professional association that has no geographical boundaries and are focused on specific topics or issues. Through LinkedIn, you can connect with your people and stay focused. LinkedIn provides you with a great way to share your thought-leadership as well as build visibility with like-minded people in the same field.

Pay attention to what’s happening:

LinkedIn is a place where the number of members and the number of articles posted keeps increasing which makes your feed to get full very often. But now LinkedIn makes it easier for you to stay on top of what’s new is happening among your group by turning off, or un-follow content that actually clogs the feed. Also, when you turn off or mute a content that does not remove your connection but makes your feed clearer.

Personalize your feed:

The left hand column on Your Communities on your LinkedIn homepage is followed by a series of hash tags. These hash tags are generated by the kind of posts you click on to but you can manage them as well. You can pin hash tags that are valuable for you and to personalize your feed, you can follow hash tags in the following categories:

  1. Related to your interest
  2. Based on recent activity
  3. Popular in the area you are associated with
  4. People in your community
  5. Popular with skills of people that match your skills
  6. Recommended for you.

LinkedIn is a constantly evolving site and keeps on adding features in order to help you get the most out by connecting with your connections. Consider using these features to your advantage and it will give your professional presence a complete makeover.

Via: Forbes

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