5 best part time jobs from home in Pandemic

A year back, work from home was often regarded as low paid work. It is because it is done by people who adjust it according to their own perspectives. But it is not necessary that these jobs from home always pay you less.

Ever since this pandemic has struck the world badly and people have lost their jobs, small businesses have shut down, a lot of entry-level jobs are available for people who want to work from home and earn a high salary.

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Such jobs are not only highly paid but also allow professionals to proceed in their careers and acquire further skills and experience along the way. Following is the list of five of the best part-time jobs that pay really well.

Telemedicine Physician:

This work from home job of telemedicine physician may actually pay more than the median hourly rate. The median hourly rate for a physician and medical practitioner is $81.63

Software developer:

There is no doubt that few of the tech jobs pay really well whether your work in an office or work from home. Becoming a software engineer or a developer is one such job that has a median hourly rate of $58.85.

Data scientist:

Although for becoming a professional data scientist, it requires ten to fifteen years of experience. But telecommuting is the kind of field that allows beginners to find positions for them as well. There are many job websites that allow people to work from home as data scientists. The median hourly rate for a data scientist is $37.05.

Tax preparer/Advisor:

This is the kind of job that requires a worker to work during one particular part of a year. This is the best job for a CPA, enrolled agent, or any other money-savvy individual who understands the ins and outs of tax preparation, as well as both paid and free tax software programs. With the advancement in video calling technology, it has become possible to do this job even from far-flung areas. The median hourly rate for a tax accountant is $22.08.

Project manager:

The median hourly rate for a project manager is $45.95 and this is the job that keeps all projects on track. It includes managing deadlines and bringing all client contributions in one place. With the advancements in tech, this is also the kind of job that can be done remotely.

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