Find your passion in 5 creativity exercises

If you are passionate about something, it can transform your entire life. It may not be easy as it sounds, but it’s worth the effort. You have to dare to dream, dare to imagine the possibilities, and dare to actually make an effort for something you would love to do. But in order to find your passion, you need to explore avenues of creativity. Sadly, many of the people go about searching for their passion in a wrong way. You may go through a painful process of analyzing, rationalizing, and figuring things out. But everything goes in vain because your passion cannot be found in your head as it lives in your heart. Thinking cannot help you to find your passion in life but the following exercises can:

Revisit your childhood:

As we grow old, you get disconnected to the things that used to make you happy in your childhood. According to experts, for finding your passion you need to make a list of things you used to enjoy doing when you were a child. Researches have proved that even as adults, there is a lot to be discovered in play. You can them ask yourself the questions that how those things can be added in your life now.

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Make a creativity board:

When you surround yourself with images of your intention, this helps to grow awareness regarding your passion. You can start by creating a college of images on a large poster board. You can add sayings, articles; poems or inspirations on it that you want to create. You will see that your board will become more focused towards certain things and then you will begin to realize what is missing. Then you can think of ways to fill the missing parts and realize your vision.

Make list of people who are where you want to be:

No matter what field you choose, there are successful people in it. Take out time to study the people who have already made it in the field you want pursue. Study why and how those people have been able to maintain their success despite all odds. This will not only keep you motivated be to create a rigorous and formal plan.

Start doing it:

People sometimes wait a long time to start on pursuing their passion until they have an extensive business plan written down. According to experts, you can start doing what you love even when you haven’t yet figured out how to monetize it. You can develop and refine a business plan as you move forward with the help of your business network and feedback.

Take a break from business thinking:

You may love what you do but you need to take a mental vacation indulging yourself in something different. This break will help you get more creative ideas. Notice the connections that you often neglect and then write them and practice them.

Via: Entrepreneur

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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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