Find out what were your 9 best Instagram pictures of 2017

Instagram has gained a lot of popularity in last couple of years, specially after Facebook acquired this world’s famous photo sharing app. A third party app called 2017 Best Nine now lets you see your best 9 pictures in Instagram in 2017.

The app creates a three by three collage. To begin with, your Instagram profile must be set to ‘Public’ and then a user will have to enter their Instagram ID. It must be noticed that the app does not require your password to enter alongside ID (username). Based on the number of loves (likes), the tool takes around 10 minutes and shows you the top 9 most liked pictures of 2017. Once the collage is created, you can switch back the privacy from ‘public’ to ‘private’.

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The app also tells you the total number of pictures posted in 2017 in your account. Once generated, the collage shows a header that reads “#2017bestnine” with the caption “Thank you for your likes!”


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Written by Hisham Sarwar

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