Facebook’s new App for streaming shows

Facebook is working hard to increase its earnings by advertising. In order to deliver video to your TV, the social media giant is building an app for set-top boxes.

Wall Street journal reports, the platform has been working with the app for several years. The company plans to make it work with devices such as Apple TV along with bringing a variety of video content for the users.

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It is still not clear whether the clips from the news feed will show up as well but it is expected that the company in collaboration with media companies will be offering TV-like shows upward of 10 minutes length. The video ads are considered to command more revenues as compared to the static ones, therefore Facebook is interested in growing its revenues by placing video ads in users news feeds.

By addition of this app, Facebook will face competition with YouTube, streaming services such as Netflix and Sling TV. Traditional cable channels will also be standing in the line for the competition. Therefore Facebook will have to curate a solid mix of content in order to stay in the race for long.

Also, beaming an occasional clip from a friend to one’s TV through streaming device such as Chromecast would be nice but the platform needs to extremely careful regarding the choice of its videos that surface from its network of users.

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Written by Hisham Sarwar


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