Facebook to shower huge dollars on hackers to catch security bugs

Facebook has been in news recently for mishandling data, series of security lapses. In the wake of such issues, the company is introducing security and privacy initiatives. Facebook is facilitating hackers more aggressively than ever in the history of its bounty programs.

The company often rewards outside hackers who detect a loophole in the programming that could potentially allow hackers to access sensitive user data.

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Last year, Facebook started paying ethical hackers, researchers to find bugs and vulnerabilities in third-party applications that integrate with Facebook.

Facebook is now paying rewards up to $50,000 to researches who find bugs in the code of its native products like Messenger, Oculus, Portal and also, WhatsApp.

“Reports submitted to us thanks to security researchers allow us to learn from their insights,” says Dan Gurfinkel, who heads Facebook’s bug bounty program.

The bounty program is still less than Apple’s bounty program that encourages people to find issues in iOS and get reward up to one million UD dollars.

Two years back, Facebook had to shut down its AI as it began to invent its own language. The digital threats are real and the company is absolutely serious in protecting its user’s data from being exposed to the hackers.

“We want to make sure we get more eyes finding security vulnerabilities in Facebook,” Gurfinkel adds. “And every time a security researcher reports a vulnerability to our program, we use the insights they provided us with to see if we can catch not just this instance of the report, but also the whole class of vulnerability.”

Are you an ethical hacker?. Facebook will accept bug reports from anyone.


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