Facebook Now brings 360 images and video to Articles

Facebook is now composing its two previously introduced features together. Publishers can now easily implement “instant article” and “360 content” which will work in the same way as on the News Feed. For exploring, you will have to wave your phone around or drag it in some direction.

Only iOS and Android can be used for instant articles to work. Facebook has recently added setting of initial angles for “360 content” which is extremely helpful.

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Instant articles do not take much time to load therefore they are known to increase sharing. But, on the other hand Facebook wants to ensure that it does not ignore the features. Facebook will be able to make more money through ads as long as the user stays on the platform.

This is a pretty small addition but it is a good effort to supplement interactive media to a publishing system.

Are you a publisher interested in posting content in instant articles, See this Facebook link here.

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