Facebook Messenger testing a TINDER-like meet-up feature

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Facebook is now introducing a new system which allows its users to connect with their friends by agreeing or refusing to meet up with them. This feature is similar to that of Tinder app that helps people connect with each other, Motherboard reports.

In Facebook Messenger, a list of friends is made visible to the user who might want to meet up with the user. Users can respond to their requests by saying yes or No. but if both parties agree on meeting up, notifications are sent to both users.

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This new app will help the Facebook Messenger users to get connected to their friends rather than strangers. According to Facebook’s spokesperson, this platform is often used by people to make plans with their friends. Just to make it easier, Facebook has planned to run a test on a small group of people for now.

For all those people who do not usually stay connected with their friends, this feature might be really useful. It will be interesting to see Facebook’s algorithm arranging meet-ups for people.

Via: TNW

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