Facebook Messenger shows hints of cross-chat support with WhatsApp

We all know that Mark Zuckerberg plans to integrate all Facebook-owned companies so users can swiftly communicate from one platform to another. As reported by WABetaInfo, a Twitter account that keeps a close eye on the latest WhatsApp developments and updates, Facebook Messenger has shown early signs of cross-chat support and connectivity with WhatsApp.

The idea seems to be simple, amazing too — Facebook Messenger will be connected with WhatsApp chats too.

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There is a difference between two platforms, while WhatsApp stores all chats within a user device and it is an end-to-end encrypted and of course ad-free, Messenger is completely opposite.


The above image shows the reference to the creation of tables in a local database on FB Messenger that is essentially needed to manage messages, services and also mentions elements to allow the Messenger to connect with WhatsApp users. The reference also includes details of chat receipient, push notifications, etc.

What are your thoughts on both chat services integration?

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