Facebook Messenger Room can hold up to 50 people with no time limit

Facebook has introduced some amazing new products to people to get in touch with their loved ones during COVID-19.

Introduced in a live stream by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, in an attempt to make people rely more on social networks, Facebook has elevated the connectivity of Messenger to a larger level.

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In order to help people stay connected virtually and help bring people to come close together, Facebook has upscaled its video presence tools. According to Mark, the video’s presence is categorized into video calling, video rooms, and live videos.

On WhatsApp, starting next week, people would be able to have 8 people in an end-to-end encrypted video call. Currently, WhatsApp supports 4 people in a group video call.

On Messenger, a new AI tool is going to be introduced to enhance user experience. Starting from 360 virtual backgrounds. The new virtual background will replace your existing background and users will be able to select multiple pre-populated backgrounds such as a house or a jungle, etc.

Facebook is using the power of AI to make the video experience more effective and introduce more fun and enjoyable.

With Messenger Rooms in Messenger, users can set up virtual rooms and invite to hold up to 50 people with no time limit.

This will allow users to invite anybody, even the people who do not have Facebook accounts. It’s going to be incredibly easy. You will send out the link and people will be able to join using their mobile phones.

A Messenger room is going to be a unique experience. You do not need to set up time upfront. You can create a room and make it open. Users will see other open Rooms in top tray. This will let you join other rooms and people can also drop into your room just to say “Hi”. Imagine the concept of a physical room converted virtually. This is going to provide spontaneous interaction with people in COVID-19, making it easy and fun to meet people in virtual rooms.

One interesting thing about the Messenger room is, you can also create private rooms and those with a link supplied can only join the conversation. This closed room idea is to interact with the people you know only and moreover, no such person can join the room who is unwanted.

You can also set up Messenger pre-schedule conversations by not going live instantly and scheduling it. This will inform all participants by notifying them prior to the room meeting pre-scheduled time.



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