Facebook Live gets an audio-only mode too

Facebook is now coming up with a new approach to relive the old days of live radio with the introduction of audio-only mode for the podcasters. Even nowadays audio-only streams have a lot of scope. These are very much preferable among people who listen in on podcasts. It is a good platform for authors and podcasters to engage with their audience.

Audio-only mode is extremely useful for interviews where video is not necessary. It is easy for users as they don’t need to hold their phone longer nor they are required to set up tripod for live audio streaming. This factor may be encouraging for many people to go live using audio-only mode.

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Also, audio-only mode is a good choice in areas where the signals are low for video streaming. As audio takes up much less bandwidth then video therefore it is very much desirable in all situations. Facebook’s live audio feature can serve as a way to swiftly broadcast a call in risky situations.

Facebook also needs to enable an audio only mode for streams which already incorporate videos.  With live audios, it is possible to keep the sound even while leaving the app or locking up the phone whereas it cannot be done during live video streaming.

Live audio is being introduced among few of the selected partners initially such as BBC World Service, Harper Collins, LBC, and authors Britt Bennett and Adam Grant. For others, this feature will be rolled out next year.

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