Facebook is testing revamped video tab

Facebook has recently introduced a new video tab in the Android application. This is the tab that indicates that Facebook is now moving towards creating a video platform. The company aims to attract people who are obsessed with its rival services such as YouTube.

This feature by Facebook offers an infinite stream of videos from the user’s network, the pages that they follow along with the clips from friends that have been liked or shared. This video tab is marked with a play icon in the app’s navigation bar. For surfacing videos, this feature provides a bunch of buttons from numerous categories such as comedy, entertainment, news, sports, lifestyle etc.

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picture taken from TheNextWeb
Picture taken from TheNextWeb

This feature was first rolled out by Facebook in April 2016, it was a just a source of bringing live videos to users. The platform has improved this feature by highlighting the clips the popular clips. Although the video being uploaded are not always the latest ones, most of them are months old. But this is an attempt by Facebook to follow YouTube’s lead to offer users with videos that they can enjoy the videos are based on the browsing history of the users as well as their network within Facebook.

This feature is a good addition for Facebook as the platform has a lot to gain when it comes to videos on its app.

Via: TheNextWeb

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