Facebook filling up your notifications

Facebook is that one place where we can take a stroll down the memory lane because it has an endless collection of our ancient photos along with comments. Facebook has decided to make this experience a more exciting one. Previously, Facebook has been highlighting memories from past years but now, it is planning to add options about the recent memories too.

The newly launched feature recaps memories even from the past month or season. Most people may not have a short term recollection that needs to be reminded therefore it’s a bit puzzling too. But otherwise, it is a useful feature as it bundles photos from recent events into one package instead of searching through the entire album. The feature named as On This day which shows what users were up to on the same date has now been rolled out to Facebook’s entire audience. The company has also improved its algorithm which makes it easier to control what shows up on the feature.

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Also, for celebrating milestones Facebook is also adding a feature for reaching up to 100 friends or achieving 1,000 likes. In future, the company plans to expand this to further milestones as well as to allow users to publicly share their accomplishments. The basic purpose of the social platform is to make people feel good about their online interactions.

Post and Picture via The Next Web

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